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A total of 13 companies will compete for the award for the best startup in the Interpoma Startup Award

At Interpoma Connects - Digital Days for the Apple Economy, the digital event dedicated to the apple organized by Fiera Bolzano on November 19 and 20, the most innovative in the agriculture and apple sector will be awarded.


Interpoma Startu Awards image.

Space for quality innovation at Interpoma Connects - Digital Days for the Apple Economy, the digital event dedicated to the apple organized by Fiera Bolzano on November 19 and 20. Among the initiatives that will take place during the two days is the Startup Award, an award dedicated to the most innovative startups in the agriculture and apple sector, which will culminate with the online awards ceremony, in which they will participate the 13 finalists selected.

Innovation, technology and digitization are the keywords of Fiera Bolzano's new digital format dedicated to the apple sector: Interpoma Connects - Digital Days for the Apple Economy, scheduled for November 19 and 20. In addition to the Interpoma Congress and Interpoma Business Match, the other initiative of the program, the Startup Award, will feature the participation of the most innovative companies on the international agricultural scene.

In recent months, many startups have responded to the call from Fiera Bolzano and What A Venture to participate in the virtual space dedicated to high-quality innovation in the agricultural and apple sector, which will allow professionals and leaders of opinion know the latest news in the sector and create new business relationships. There are 13 companies that have obtained the opportunity to be present virtually and that will compete for the award for the best startup. On November 20, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the 13 selected startups will be presented online before the committee of experts: they will have two minutes for their presentation and three minutes for questions and answers with the jury. Afterwards, the committee of experts will evaluate and name the winner who will be entitled to a free stand at Interpoma 2021, from November 4 to 6.

These are the 13 finalist startups:

xFarm is an Italian startup that aims to digitize agriculture, providing innovative tools that help producers and professionals in the sector in managing their companies. Its strengths are its ease of use, that it is intuitive and that it is perfectly suited to agricultural companies. The digital ecosystem includes an application, an Analytics dashboard, and a line of IoT sensors.

Agranimo (Germany) manufactures wireless microclimatic sensors in real time and provides a platform for data analysis and visualization in order to increase farm productivity and climate adaptation in the agri-food sector.

AGROROBOTICA (Italy) has designed SpyFly, a robotic surveillance system that helps the farmer to control his crops in real time, reducing his presence in the field. Each SpyFly trap is powered by solar panels independently and, in addition to attracting, capturing and recognizing pests, it is capable of collecting a series of atmospheric data that, once associated with the attack phenomena that have been recorded, can create patterns behavior and prediction.

ODIS is a young startup in South Tyrol that develops and markets innovative solutions for irrigation and agriculture. It offers battery-powered sensors and devices that allow remote control and monitoring from a smartphone. Her solution is useful to optimize irrigation and ensure optimal results from a distance, saving time and worry for farmers.

SOUTH AGRO is an Italian startup that produces biostimulants obtained from seaweed extracts to improve the quality and quantity of crops thanks to the increased resistance of plants to climatic changes.

BrioAgro (Spain) is a custom tool for farmers. Through a 24-hour surveillance system, the farmer receives information in real time on the main variables in which he can intervene to improve his crops and integrate into agricultural irrigation systems.

Agrin (Italy) is an interdisciplinary group of professionals (agronomists, biologists, engineers and chemists) whose passion is to find solutions to maximize the economic, environmental and social sustainability of agriculture, industry and agribusiness. Multiple studies have shown that one of the main sources of contamination of surface and groundwater is improper washing of sprayers and tractors. The system they have developed can solve this problem in a sustainable way.

Pixofarm is an Austrian mobile application that, by taking pictures of a series of apples, allows obtaining real-time information on the state of the fruit and making forecasts about the final results, having continuous control.

Senorics is a high-tech spin-off of the Technical University of Dresden (Germany). Specialized in the design and manufacture of optical spectroscopic sensors for mass application, they have applied this technology to agriculture, specifically to allow apple growers and distributors to determine the best harvest window and ideal ripeness for their apples.

Trapview is a parasitic insect prediction and surveillance platform developed by the Slovenian company Efos. Automated electronic traps allow efficient surveillance for parasitic insects and require almost no maintenance.

BioLogik-Systems (Italy) has developed and patented a technology that respects the principle of the circular economy and allows both the recycling of nutrients in the form of compost and the production of thermal energy without any combustion. The technology is an easy-to-use, economical and ecological solution. The startup is one of the pioneers in compost heat recovery systems creating an ideal turnkey solution for growing fruits, grapes and olives.

Semios (Canada) is a full service crop management platform. Provides real-time crop data and tools for parasite management. Plus, it helps farmers control disease, frost, and irrigation. The powerful wireless network of canopy sensors, variable speed pheromone dispensers and camera traps with automatic parasite counting provide farmers with the tools to predict and respond in real time on insect health conditions, diseases and the trees.

Fresh Agriculture Technologies (Serbia) has developed MapMyApple, the first AI digital agronomic advisor. MapMyApple helps the small and medium apple grower to anticipate parasites and diseases in advance (up to 7 days) and to save money by optimizing the number of sprays. MapMyApple is commercially available on Google Play and Apple store.

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