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Agroglobal is postponed to 6,7 and 8 July 2021

The organization considers that its postponement has been "inevitable", taking into account the health crisis of COVID-19.



roglobal on the scheduled date, since the current crisis is very relevant for the agricultural sector and Agroglobal could be a time of commercial relaunch and a space for debate on many issues that concern us.

We waited until it was possible for news of hope to arrive that could bring normality to the lives of people and companies.

Unfortunately for everyone, fears and limitations persist and, in this context, the attitude of many companies and visitors is one of doubt and uncertainty regarding their presence in Agroglobal, considering that it is prepared in advance.

Agroglobal is dynamic, it moves many people, it has a lot of contact, many meetings. It has catering, seminars and transportation. It has visitors and exhibitors who travel from abroad. As of today, no one can guarantee that there will be security conditions to carry it out and that they would even have legal coverage.

Therefore, in the best case scenario, we would have an Agroglobal in strong "loss", frustrating the expectations of the exhibitors who made this event a reference in Portuguese agricultural activity and beyond.

The postponement was thus inevitable. But we already have a new date: July 6, 7 and 8, 2021 and, as always, we wait for you there in the usual place.

However, we will not fail to mark, by possible means, the date scheduled for September.

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