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Brazilian agricultural exports exceed 100 billion dollars for the second time in history

Agribusiness was responsible for almost half of the country's total exports in 2020.


International trade by boat.

Brazilian agribusiness exports totaled US $ 100,810 million in 2020, the second highest value in the historical series, only behind 2018 (US $ 101,170 million). In relation to 2019, there was a growth of 4.1% in sales abroad for the sector.

According to the Department of Commerce and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the expansion was the result of an increase in the exported quantum (+ 9.9%), since the price index fell 5.3%. Agribusiness accounted for almost half of Brazil's total exports in 2020, with a record share of 48%.

Imports of agroindustrial products, on the other hand, decreased by 5.2%, reaching US $ 13,050 million. The increase in exports and the fall in imports resulted in a surplus of 87.76 billion dollars for the sector.

The soybean complex (grain, oil and bran) was the main product in the export basket, with US $ 35,240 million and 101.04 million tons. Cereal exports represented 81.1% of the exported value and reached the second highest amount in the historical series, with US $ 28,560 million and 82.97 million tons. The export was greater in value and quantity of the product only in 2018: US $ 33,050 million and 83.25 million tons.

Meats occupied the second position in the ranking of export sectors of agro-industries in 2020, with US $ 17,160 million. Sales of beef represented 49.4% of this amount, an increase of 11.1% compared to 2019. Exports of raw beef registered a record in value ($ 7,450 million) and quantity (1.72 million lots).

Chicken meat exports represented 34.9% of the total exported by the meat sector in the 12 months, with US $ 5,990 million. Pork meat sales abroad amounted to US $ 2,250 million, of which 94.1% corresponded to the product in nature. The amount recorded in in nature pork exports was record both in value (US $ 2,120 million) and in quantity (901,10000 tons).

Regarding buyers, China acquired 73.2% of the exported soybeans, which corresponded to US $ 20,910 million (2.2% more than in 2019). And it was also the main destination for in natura beef exports, 54.2% (US $ 4,040 million). The country contributed to the growth of these sales (beef), since it acquired US $ 1.35 billion more than in 2019 (+ 50.3%).

Trade balance in December 2020

In December 2020, agribusiness exports totaled US $ 7,300 million, a decrease of 3.8% compared to the same month of the previous year (US $ 7,590 million). The drop was due to the reduction in the price and quantum index of exported products, which fell 1.1% and 2.7%, respectively. Imports of agro-industrial products increased from $ 1,210 million in December 2019 to $ 1,350 million in December 2020, an increase of 11.5%.

The highlights of the month were corn and sugar. Corn shipments were 5 million tons or the equivalent of US $ 945.3 million (+ 33.5%). The three main buyers of corn were: Egypt (164.39 million dollars; + 427.4%); Vietnam (148.32 million dollars; + 96.8%) and Iran (119.57 million dollars; + 91.2%).

External sales of raw sugar were US $ 740.08 million (+ 119.3%) or 2.6 million tons. China was the largest importer of sugar, with US $ 156.84 million (+ 665.3%). Other countries that imported were: Algeria (US $ 98.34 million; + 72%); Malaysia ($ 69.86 million); Nigeria ($ 56.17 million; + 15.3%) and the United Arab Emirates ($ 50.69 million).

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