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In 2020, the production volume of Russian organic agri-food products exceeded $ 39 million

Russian organic producers are eligible for a wide range of state aids and certifications.


Russian organic fruits and vegetables.

The development of the domestic market for organic products became a key topic of parliamentary hearings in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Deputy Minister Maxim Uvaydov spoke to deputies about the work of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture in this area.

For more than a year in Russia, the law 'On organic products' has been in force, during which time 63 organic producers have been certified. As Maxim Uvaydov pointed out, more than 140 organizations have shown interest in this area. According to him, the active development of the market for these products in Russia allowed to increase the volume of their production in 2020 to 3,000-4,000 million rubles (more than 39 million dollars / more than 32.5 million euros).

Organic producers have the opportunity to use all the support measures of the Russian state that are currently in the agricultural sector. In addition, free certification of organic production by Roskachestvo (Russian state certifier) ​​is provided for small and medium-sized enterprises. Manufacturers can also be compensated for the certification costs of export-oriented products. Several regions have provided their own support measures: purchase costs for fertilizers, plant protection products and biologicals are reimbursed, preferential taxes are applied and subsidies are given for various purposes.

"Russian products with the eco-label are of great interest in the world market for their high quality - indicates the Russian Ministry of Agriculture - In particular, there is a demand abroad for Russian wild plants: nuts and berries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as cereals and legumes ".

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