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Sorma Group launches the new WD4-S weigher

The company has presented at Macfrut a new weigher with an innovative high content and excellent performance in terms of compactness, precision, delicacy and speed.


New WD4-S weigher, from Sorma Group.

On the occasion of Macfrut, the international fruit and vegetable fair in Rimini, Sorma Group has unveiled its new WD4-S weigher for the absolute first time. It is a machine that offers high performance, superior to those already on the market, which completes the firm's range of weighing machines.

The new compact and efficient machine is distinguished by the feeder belts located inside, so that space is saved and can be placed in any warehouse. Its small dimensions, however, do not detract from its efficiency: indeed, the WD4-S can feed up to four packers.

In addition to its adaptability and compactness, the WD4-S is also characterized by the technology it incorporates, which guarantees speed and precision. Thanks to the new generation software and Industry 4.0 that operates in the electronic section, the precision in the weighing of the fruits is extraordinary. Furthermore, unlike the weighers currently on the market, this parameter does not vary with increasing speed, allowing up to 70 packages per minute to be weighed.

Conceived especially for citrus fruits, but also suitable for kiwis and avocados, its performance is equally high with both large and small fruits (from 40 to 110 mm) thanks to a self-adaptive system for the recognition of the size. An additional system of photocells signals, secondly, if any fruit falls out of one of the one hundred and eight cups, forcing the machine to stop to avoid any possible damage to the trees and the weighing cells, thus increasing the safety of the elaboration. The software also has a "delicate processing program", designed to prevent any possible bruising. Finally, like the latest machines launched on the market by the Sorma group, the control panel of the WD4-S has a touch screen: simple, intuitive and easy to use for operators.

The WD4-S weigher is introduced after six-month operational tests, during which no problems have been detected. "We are extremely satisfied with the new WD4-S weigher because it responds to the specific needs expressed by operators when Sorma asks for their opinion," says Andrea Mercadini, CEO of the Sorma Group. “We have created an innovative machine with sophisticated technology that at the same time adapts to any packaging line. Thanks to the performance and unique characteristics of this machine, we have already sold the first twenty-five units ”, concludes Mercadini.

Sorma Group has been operating since 1973. Currently it is the only business group in the world capable of offering "turnkey" the complete line of machines necessary to automatically select, weigh and pack horticultural products, as well as supplying the appropriate technical material to create all the forms of packaging. We propose more than one hundred and sixty models of automatic machines, protected by sixty patents entirely developed by an in-house team of thirty-five engineers. More than thirty fruit and vegetable references can be selected and “dressed” with maximum precision and reliability, to respond effectively to the increasingly demanding demands of the Large Organized Distribution (GDO). The Group is present with its own operating headquarters in: Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United States of America and Brazil. These subsidiaries are joined by more than forty specialized distributors, operating globally.

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