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A commercial meeting between Chile and Brazil yields an agri-food business projection of 9 million dollars

Chile is Brazil's main supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, plums, cherries, onions and garlic, nuts and wines.


Chile and Brazil commercial meeting.

Within the framework of the Chile Brazil Meeting, the trade promotion event that is taking place this week in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, a successful business conference was held to learn about the opportunities that both countries have as main partners in Latin America.

The event – in which 26 Chilean companies exporting fresh fruits, dried fruits, dehydrated fruit and beverages such as fruit juices, wine and beer participated, along with 80 importers from 11 states in Brazil – yielded a total of US$ 9 million in projection of business for agricultural export companies, a figure that was highly valued by the authorities present at the event.

“The agri-food trade exchange between our country and Brazil is increasing. In 2022 alone, food and beverage exports reached US$1.3 billion, representing a notable growth of 21.9% compared to 2021. Chile is currently the main supplier of seafood, followed by fresh fruits and vegetables. , such as apples, plums, cherries, onions and garlic, nuts, meats and wines,” explained the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ignacia Fernández, from São Paulo. “This business conference that was held allows us to continue positioning ourselves and diversifying our offer in the market,” she added.

The director of ProChile, Ignacio Fernández, meanwhile, highlighted that "this type of initiatives are the heart of ProChile's work, since we combine national supply with international demand, seeking export and diversification opportunities for national companies."

The Chile Brazil Meeting was also the setting for the launch of the Pisco Chile campaign in São Paulo. A group of six companies from the Coquimbo region came to this city, with the support of the Regional Government and ProChile, to hold a masterclass and publicize the main attributes of the product. Afterwards, cocktails were prepared to demonstrate the versatility of pisco and the day concluded with a dinner with pisco as the main ingredient on the menu.

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