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Bram Moeskops assumes leadership as Managing Director of FiBL Europe

Based in Brussels, FiBL Europe represents the four national FiBL research institutes and ÖMKI.


Bram Moeskops, Managing Director at FiBL Europe.

As the new managing director, Bram Moeskops will lead the Brussels office and, together with his team, will help to ensure that FiBL's broad knowledge is made available to policymakers and stakeholders in Brussels. Based in Brussels, FiBL Europe represents the four national FiBL research institutes (FiBL Switzerland, FiBL Germany, FiBL Austria, FiBL France) and the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture ÖMKi at a European level.

Delivering scientific clarity to policy makers

"I am deeply honoured to assume the role of Managing Director at FiBL Europe", says Bram Moeskops, "because FiBL makes important contributions to the necessary transformation of food systems with its research". Jürn Sanders, President of FiBL Europe, adds that "in view of the major challenges we will have to face in the food sector in the coming years, we want to become even more involved in the policy dialogue in this area and with Bram Moeskops as director we are in the best possible position to do so."

Former manager for organic agriculture around the globe
Bram Moeskops brings an impressive track record to FiBL Europe, having dedicated over a decade to his role as Research & Innovation Manager at IFOAM Organics Europe, an organisation with members from 34 countries working for organic agriculture in Europe. He also assumed responsibility for the scientific coordination of the European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming "TP Organics."

During his tenure, he skilfully fostered an extensive network comprising European Union and national policymakers, scientists and stakeholders within the European agricultural and food sectors. A native Belgian, Bram Moeskops earned his PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, specializing in soil management, from Ghent University.

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