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The European Commission invites farmers to participate in an online survey on simplification

Preliminary results will be released in mid-April.


Farmer, at the cropfield.

As announced in its proposals to reduce the burden on farmers' shoulders, the Commission is today launching an online survey to directly gather the views of EU farmers. The survey is open from March 7 to April 8. The questions are short, available in all EU languages, and will provide valuable information to understand the main sources of concern in the sector. Furthermore, the survey will help to identify the sources of administrative burden and complexity arising from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) rules, as well as other rules for food and agriculture, both in relation to their implementation at national and the registration and notification obligations related to them. Preliminary results will be presented in mid-April.

This survey will already offer in the summer a clearer picture of the main administrative obstacles perceived and faced by farmers. The results will be included in a more detailed analysis to be published in autumn 2024, in order to clarify the sources of complexity for farmers, whether at EU, national, CAP level and in relation to other requirements and policies.

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