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Víctor Catán, new president of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile

The prominent farmer and businessman from the Aconcagua Valley, upon assuming office, faces a series of challenges that put Chilean fruit growing in check.


Víctor Catán, new president of Fedefruta.

The recently assumed president of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile, Fedefruta, Víctor Catán, finds himself, upon assuming the position, with a series of challenges, among which the promotion of the fruit world, collaboration in the implementation of laws related to the sector, drought, sustainability and migration, among others.

The prominent farmer and businessman from the Aconcagua Valley, who until now held the vice presidency of Fedefruta, will have the mission of heading the federation for two years, until 2025.

"Among the challenges are giving continuity to the axes of Fedefruta, which are firstly related to the articulation between the public and private world, being able to influence the development and implementation of laws and regulations related to fruit growing, promoting it as an engine of development rural and social mobility, promote the axes of sustainability and efficiency management and finally help producers so that they do well, since if the producers do well, Chile does well,” he points out.

Regarding the greatest difficulties currently facing the sector, the new president of Fedefruta points out that “there are several”, which he already discussed with the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela.

He explained that “we need to strengthen health controls and sanctions for those who bring products that bring fruit flies or other pathogens into the country. Sanctions are currently practically non-existent for those who bring it, so we have to do joint work that includes the Ministry of the Interior, all the authorities that have jurisdiction and obviously the legislative power, because if it is necessary to change the legislation, It has to be done.”

Systems Approach

Another of the challenges of the current head of Fedefruta is related to a desire that has been dragging on for two decades in the fruit sector, the Systems Approach, which has been trapped by a requirement from the North American government regarding the designation of origin of the products. cheeses. In this regard, the president of Fedefruta pointed out that "we reminded the minister that this is vital to be competitive in table grapes, especially with other suppliers such as Peru, and the minister told us that they were with that agenda, that They were doing the work with the Subrei (Undersecretariat of International Economic Relations) and that he was soon going to meet with the President of the Republic, at which time he will present this point to him.”

But Victor Catán is also worried about the drought. "We have issues such as water, we need the legislation to change to be able to have desalination plants, reuse to be able to provide new sources, we remember the case of the area of the fourth region, Limarí, Coquimbo Choapa, which is experiencing a very harsh drought and that, although it has rained, that rain has not been enough to appease this need, which we are steps away from reaching the urban world so there could be restrictions on the health sector,” he said.

He announced that during his administration he will also be focused on issues related to the world of work, immigrants, “the importance of immigrants' access to carry out jobs that are often not attractive to compatriots” and of course, with great strength, accompany small agriculture so that it is part of development.

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