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Statistics - Belgium
EU agrees on improved data collection for integrated farm statistics
The new data collection formula will allow an improvement in the implementation and monitoring of the CAP in the farm.

Sustaintability - Belgium
The Europatat 2018 Congress, marked by the UN Sustainable Development Goals
The need for a sustainable production model and the fight against waste were some of the main issues.

Improvements - Mexico
Farmers, environment, and carbon markets profit from more precise fertilizer management, study shows
The study shows that reducing nitrogen fertilizer rates significantly cuts nitrous oxide emissions without reducing grain yield or quality.

Research - USA
Chinese scientists demonstrate the increased yield of corn with the use of straw mulch
Mulching provides a higher carbon content and water conservation.

Promotions - Portugal
Portugal hace frente a su escasez de cereales promocionando este tipo de cultivos
The surface dedicated to these crops in the Portuguese country in the 1980s was 900,000 hectares, from which only 260,000 remain today.

Agreements - Germany
BASF signs an agreement to acquire an additional part of Bayer's seed and phytosanitary business
This agreement is part of the impositions of the European Union to Bayer for the acquisition of Monsanto.

Vegetable Health - USA
The draft of the US agricultural law recognizes biostimulants and establishes the regulatory framework
Agrinos, the biological products manufacturer, celebrates "this important step for the development and adoption of sustainable technologies".

Pollination - Germany
Bayer: "a sad day for farmers and bad news for Europe"
The company considers that the restriction of the neocotinoids is an "unjustified measure, since they are safe if used according to the label".

Reactions - Switzerland
Syngenta shows its disappointment for the European decision of restrictions on neocotinoids
The company believes that the real problems of bees are the lack of food, diseases and cold weather.

Restrictions - Germany
Germany celebrates the EU restriction on the use of neocotinoids
The proposal approved in Brussels implies the application of these products strictly in greenhouses to avoid damage to pollinators.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture will work for increased organic production
The Government of Sweeden consider organic production has not increased in line with demand.

Acquisition - USA
Monsanto is optimistic about the closure of its merger with Bayer
The company shows its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018.

Awards - USA
AGCO's Brands Win Red Dot Design Award 2018
IDEAL Combine and Valtra A4 Series Tractors Recognized for Outstanding Design.

Technics - USA
Dry the weeds, keep the crops
Flame-weeding controls weeds for organic farmers.



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