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The value of Mexican agri-food sales grows 42.5% from January to October compared to the same period of 2019

The consumer goods with the highest international demand are avocado, tomato and pepper, among others, with exports accounting for 59.6% of Mexican agricultural profits.


Mexican tomatoes.

The surplus of the Agri-Food Trade Balance of Mexico with the world reached 10,475 million dollars in the period January-October 2020, which represents an annual growth rate of 42.5 percent, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development .

According to a report by the agency, this positive balance derives from a total agri-food trade of 54,667 million dollars, of which 59.6 percent corresponds to exports made by the country, which reached 32,571 million dollars. , an annualized increase of 4.23 percent.

As regards imports, they registered a 7.5 percent decrease to stand at 22,096 million dollars.

By segment, agricultural exports reported an increase of 5.36 percent to reach 15,314 million dollars and a surplus in the trade balance of this item of 4,832 million dollars in the reported period.

Meanwhile, agroindustrial exports registered an advance of 3.25 percent, in their annual comparison, which is equivalent to a total of 17,256 million dollars in the first 10 months of this year; in this case, the trade balance for these types of products reported a surplus of $ 5.643 billion.

The agri-food products with the highest sales in this period were beer, which represented income of 3,806 million dollars; avocado, 2.53 billion dollars; tomato (tomato), 2,151 million dollars; tequila and mezcal, 1,968; bakery products, 1,218, and peppers, 1,142 million dollars.

As regards the products that register the highest percentage increases are pork meat, with an annualized advance of 36.4 percent; unroasted coffee, 33.2 percent; tomato, 23 percent; tequila and mezcal, 20.4 percent; cattle, 19.5 percent; onion and garlic, 18.1 percent, and cucumber and gherkins, 16.7 percent.

It should be noted that both in exports and trade surplus, this is the highest growth recorded in the sector during the current administration.

Regarding the participation of the agri-food sector within the country's total exports, it contributed 9.68 percent of the total sales made by the nation, and the agri-food surplus is equivalent to 41.6 percent of the total surplus of the Balance Commercial from Mexico.

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