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Mexican watermelon production and exports grew in 2020

Worldwide, Mexico ranks 11th as a producer of this vegetable, with a global share of 1.3% and an Average Annual Growth Rate of 7.2%.


Watermelon from Mexico.

In 2020, the Mexican watermelon production totaled 1,357,000 tons, which implied an increase of 1% compared to the 1.34,000 tons registered in 2019, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico.

He highlighted that, worldwide, Mexico ranks eleventh as a producer of this fruit, with a global share of 1.3% and an Average Annual Growth Rate (TMAC) of 7.2%.

According to data from Mexico's Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), in 2020 the country sold 733,000 tons of watermelon abroad. The sales it makes allow it to position itself as the second exporting country.

The federal agency highlighted that the participation of watermelons in Mexican fruit production is 5.7%, with a per capita consumption of 4.6 kilograms.

In 2019, a production of 1,346,000 tons was reached, within which Sonora participated with 38% and a production value of 2,049 million pesos, which represented 41.6% of the total national value.

Jalisco was in second place, with a production of 9.8%, followed by Chihuahua, which registered a 9.5% share, and Veracruz, with 101,645 tons, Agriculture explained.

In the world ranking, the main destination for world watermelon exports has been the United States, with average purchases per year of 750,000 tons. Mexico was placed as its main supplier, with sales of more than 149,758,000 dollars.

Main buyers of Mexican watermelons, after the United States, are Japan and Canada, said the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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