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Russia to launch grain traceability system from 2022

It will contain information on all organizations involved in the production, storage, processing, sale of products and their consumer properties.


Wheat grains from Russia.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the Federal State Information System for Traceability of Cereals and Grain Products", prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

The system will start operating in 2022. It will contain information on all the organizations involved in the production, storage, processing and sale of products, their consumer properties. In this case, the data will be entered directly by the participants in the grain market.

In addition, the system will be supplemented with information on grain purchases from the federal intervention fund, the results of state monitoring and issued shipping documents, without which it will be impossible to sell products on the territory of the Russian Federation or export them abroad.

The launch of the system will allow Russian companies to work effectively in a transparent cereal market, to ensure quality and safety control of raw materials exported and supplied to domestic processing plants and products made from them. At the same time, the state will be able to track the contribution of the regions to the task of ensuring the country's food security.

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