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Seipasa obtains in Mexico the label extension of Fungisei biofungicide for vineyards

The product is distributed in Mexico through the Natural Grow commercial network, with whom Seipasa maintains a solid alliance based on the values of Natural Technology.


Image of Fungisei's registry extension in Mexico.

Seipasa, a Spanish company specialized in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture, has obtained the extension of the phytosanitary registry of the biological fungicide Fungisei for the cultivation of vineyards in the Mexican market. The certification granted by COFEPRIS, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, is applied to the control of Botrytis cinerea and joins the registry that the product already has in this country for the control of diseases such as Alternaria or cinderella in a wide variety of crops.

Fungisei is a fungicide and bactericide of microbiological origin developed from the exclusive strain of Bacillus subtilis, a highly effective fungicidal microorganism in the control of different diseases. In addition to Mexico, the product has phytosanitary registration in the US, Peru, Morocco, Turkey and the Ivory Coast.

Fungisei is also in the process of registration in some of the main markets in Africa, Latin America and Europe where, in addition, the active substance that gives rise to the product is classified as Low Risk according to community regulations (1107/2009).

Carlos Castro, commercial director of Seipasa-Mexico, has ensured that, with this new label expansion, Seipasa fulfills its objective of putting high value-added solutions in the hands of Mexican producers to improve the health and final quality of crops and harvests.

“In Mexico, more than 37,000 hectares of vineyards of all varieties are cultivated. Mexican wine has established itself as one of the most recognized products, both in the national territory and abroad, especially in the United States, Japan or Canada, which are the most important destinations for exports ”, stated Castro.

“Our goal - added the commercial director of Seipasa in Mexico - is to make available to producers the best solutions for growing a strategic product such as grapes. Fungisei is a biofungicide with a wide international trajectory and with proven efficacy in different agricultural systems around the world. This new extension of the label for grapes confirms Seipasa's commitment to phytosanitary registries and our desire to reach the market with certified solutions with high added value ”.

Alliance with Natural Grow

Fungisei is marketed in Mexico through Natural Grow's commercial and technical network, a firm specialized in the distribution of certified organic solutions oriented towards sustainable, rational and environmentally responsible agriculture.

Carlos Castro recalled that Seipasa and Natural Grow share a solid alliance in Mexico and highlighted his extensive experience with the Seipasa catalog, as well as his deep technical knowledge of the Mexican market.

“Natural Grow is a great ally in the broadest and deepest sense of the term. We share solid values ​​on which we have built an alliance in favor of the future and the transformation of agriculture in Mexico. Our mission is to provide valuable solutions for the farmer from the point of view of sustainability, profitability and efficiency ”, stressed Castro.

Seipasa is a pioneering Spanish company in biotechnology applied to agriculture. Designs, registers and markets solutions of botanical and microbiological origin for the protection, biostimulation and nutrition of crops globally.

The company was born in 1998 from the business vision of anticipating the change and transformation that the agricultural industry is experiencing today. 23 years later, Seipasa has promoted the Natural Technology model from which it develops solutions of high technological value, aligned with sustainability and that are applied in the most demanding agriculture on the planet. Its products are exported to 25 countries around the world.

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