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Soprocal: Innovation in soils and efficiency in water using

The Chilean company, focused on innovation in soils and efficiency in the use of water in agriculture, will be part of the Agricultural Water Summit in September.


Fruit tree cultivation, whose soil has been treated with the Soprocal amendments, in Chile

Water is one of the main resources for agriculture and fruit and vegetable industry, its correct and efficient use is vital for each process; from soil preparation to fruit harvest.

A year ago this main element was scarce in the world. Therefore, the agricultural industry currently faces various challenges to increase the efficient use of water resources in all sectors and to provide solutions, innovation and technology for the management and preservation of water in agriculture.

In this scenario, the Chilean company, Soprocal, ranks as one of the leaders in innovation in soils and efficiency in the use of water.

The firm founded in 1940's mission is to achieve with its clients the leadership of covering, from the north central zone to the south of Chile with its product portfolio, it delivers nutrients so that fruit trees and crops develop fully, from seed to growth. total cultivation.

With 17 years of experience, Germán Dassé, Deputy Manager of Sales at Soprocal explained that “the main value of Soprocal is to provide an integrated service, considering that our objectives are to have high-impact products with low cost per hectare, and that additionally increase efficiency in the use of water ”.

To achieve this, the firm has ISO certifications to ensure uniformity in the quality of its products and services.

Soprocal products have an organic registration and visa, that is, they are supplies for organic exporters.

Products and Services: Effective solutions

So that the water can be absorbed in the soils (regardless of its PH and texture) it is necessary to have products that allow the particles to gather and rearrange in such a way that the water re-penetrates. The roots of the plant have oxygen again, their pores open and the soil becomes heterogeneous, so that the fruit trees grow.

To achieve the above, Soprocal delivers products of excellence and innovation, which provide effective solutions and increase efficiency in crops in Chile.
  • Super Yeso: It is an amendment focused on heavy soils that are not acidic. Thinking about the central, central and north central zone of Chile, it has a high clay component. It is used in very dense soils, in which it is necessary to take advantage of the water. When incorporated into the soil, it favors a rapid flocculation of clays and colloids with calcium as an active element, in addition to correction sulfur fertilization and neutralizes the acidifying effect of synthetic fertilizers (acid reaction) applied during the season.

  • Fertil: Fertilizing Calcium Amendment (pH + Ca + Mg + S) developed to correct acidity and microporous improvement of soils, at the same time it performs balanced base fertilization, with secondary macroelements (Ca + Mg + S), in the same work, making efficient and homogeneous conditioning, also allowing the reduction of operational costs in the field. Before placing the culture, Soprocal recommends using a high dose of this product. In the case of fruit trees, an initial base fertilization is used and then a pre-planting.

  • Sopromag: It is a product that is designed as a contribution of magnesium and calcium. It is used for acid soils, to raise the PH, unlike super gypsum. Additionally, it increases levels of Calcium and Magnesium in the soil. Soprocal recommends using the product in areas such as San Carlos, Talca and Parral to the south.

  • Sopro Humic: Soil improver product (which can be used in all areas of Chile) that allows comprehensive soil conditioning, facilitating healthy nutrition and growth of plants and crops. Its formulation presents high levels of Organic Matter and Calcium which provides flocculation, aggregation and fertilization of the soils, strengthening the Clay-Humic-Calcium complex. Activsoil recovers, prepares and improves degraded, heavy and eroded soils, increasing the quality of the soil and in turn the yields in fruit trees and crops.

Its organic vegetable matter, excellently degraded, does not emit bad odors typical of animal waste and incomplete decompositions.

For the application of the product, Soprocal provides personalized advice to each client.

"Our main service associated with our range of products is to be able to make a complete diagnosis of the soil, from the taking of soil samples, complemented with the analysis that the client or the exporter already has together with their advisor", commented Germán Dassé.
"On this basis we are indicating how the dose of the type of product can be adjusted given the condition of the soil and the type of crop or fruit", he added.

“The above are scheduled 2 months in advance. In some cases they are pre-plantations and post-plantations. We are doing it in our laboratory in Melipilla and with our methodology ”, he affirmed.

Innovation: New products

The Soprocal company has innovation as its main work axis. This 2021 they are launching concentrated products to increase the PH of soils.
 “We are promoting (we already have it for sale) Super Ca ++ and Super Mg, which consists of a concentration of the products. This product only occupies a few tons, which means savings for customers ”.

In the same line is the Super MG, which consists of a product with a very high reaction when incorporated into the soil. Specially designed with three different molecules to provide Calcium, which allows an immediate and prolonged release of this element. In addition, it has high quality magnesium making it suitable for all types of fruit trees and crops that require significant contributions of these macroelements.

This year in Chile the Agricultural Water Summit will be held, which will address key issues regarding the impact of water scarcity in the different regions of Chile, as well as the importance of applying new technologies and optimizing current irrigation systems for efficient management and use of water.

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