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Irrigation automation as a solution to the advance of the drought in Mexico

Mexico is in a difficult scenario that will continue at least until the end of this year, but with the right technology it will be possible to save water use and maximize the profitability of crops.


Plant emerging in ground cracked by drought.

Panorama in Mexico does not look easy at all. This was confirmed by the latest report of the Drought Monitor prepared by the National Water Commission, where it details that 72.58% of the national territory is under some drought condition. A sad scenario that is expected to continue until at least the end of 2022, especially in the north and northeast of the country.

To this we must add that in Mexico almost 80% of fresh water is used for agriculture and only the rest is used for the public and industrial sectors. For this reason, the need to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in water management for the agricultural world is considered a fundamental requirement for those who work in this area.

However, all is not lost and the solution to this unfortunate context is already available. The automation of irrigation is a resource that rises strongly in the face of the problem of water scarcity that the country is experiencing, thanks to the fact that it gives the farmer greater control of his irrigation system, and allows him to obtain key information aimed at making better decisions. to define when and how much to water. In this way it is possible to save this resource and also maximize the profitability of the crops.

The benefits of incorporating this technology in the fields are multiple: costs for water and energy use are reduced; the processes in the field and, therefore, the workforce are optimized; not to mention that it adapts to any soil and topographic conditions.

The technological tool for optimal monitoring

In Mexico there is one of the leading startups in agrotechnology, Instacrops. Through its powerful platform, it is possible to easily and remotely monitor, control, and program flows and flows, and complemented with this, it has services for monitoring soil moisture, agroclimatic parameters, and control of deep wells, providing previously processed information and in real time, through notifications and alerts, so that the farmer can make timely decisions and thus optimize the use of resources.

Today they already have success stories, and thanks to the incorporation of their technology, producers have managed to save up to 25% of water and increase the yield of their crops and fruit trees by 12%.

Instacrops is also highly valued for its new PAaaS business model, “Precision Agriculture as a Service” (PAaaS), which makes it a pioneer in offering a subscription to its powerful Software, which consists of a single low-cost annual fee for the farmer, which includes the complete service, from the software license, the installation of the equipment and its maintenance, also incorporating agronomic support throughout the technology incorporation process. "With us, the client is protected," says Juan Ortiz Poblete, Sales & Business Developer Manager at Instacrops.

“What the agricultural world in Mexico needs is a follow-up and until now nobody has offered it in a good way. All kinds of technology has been installed, and what they are really looking for is something that helps them make decisions. That is one of the advantages that we offer at Instacrops, that of providing constant agronomic support, in which we explain in detail what we are doing,” adds Ortiz.

The drought in Mexico is not showing signs of a short-term change, which added to the scarcity of water can be catastrophic events, so today this tool is a key solution for the industry, guaranteeing significant savings in water resources. and at the same time, allowing to maximize the productive potential of crops through optimal decision-making for the fields. Without a doubt, it is time to dare and consider the incorporation of this latest generation technology. There is no time to lose.


Industry-leading AgTech platform, which allows complete management of crops from a single software, integrating all monitoring and control services of key field parameters, optimizing the use of resources, such as water and energy, as well as production processes. production and labor management. Through its technology, it allows each farmer to maximize the yield of their crops through a personalized plan for their fields. It is also characterized by providing multi-channel support throughout the process and being pioneers in the PAaaS business model, based on a low-cost annual software subscription, which includes the complete technology incorporation service (installation, hardware and maintenance).

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