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Foliarel OK demonstrates its production and yield boost of crops in Mexican fields

Koprimo is the distributor in Mexico of this foliar biostimulant developed by FertiGlobal that increases production by 20% and increases yield per hectare by 12%.


Foliar treatment of fruit trees with Foliarel OK.

According to, the size of the global biostimulant market is expected to exceed $5.6 billion by 2033. In Mexico, it is expected to increase 11.7% by 2027: in terms of fruit cultivation and legumes, an increase of 12.1% is reported; while for cereals and grains, it will grow by 11.9%; and for seeds, oilseeds and legumes, it will reach 11.5%.

The biostimulants market has had great growth, driven by the transition towards sustainable agriculture worldwide. A key actor in this is foliar nutrients, which contribute to the growth of plantations, generating stronger crops resistant to climate changes, diseases and soil modifications.

Regarding the advantages of foliar nutrients, Alejandro Prieto Huesca, general director of Koprimo, points out that "our company has a foliar nutrient called Foliarel OK, which has given us a positive experience by showing an increase in production from 8% to 20% "in grape, cotton and strawberry plantations in the northern region of the country. During its use, the fruit increased its size and increased yield per hectare. We have studied this agroecological solution and it will undoubtedly be a very strong boost for all crops." .

Some examples of the success of Foliarel OK were observed in areas of Mexico such as the Guadalupe Valley, specifically in the regions where Cavernet Sauvignon wine grapes are planted. There an increase in the size and brix degrees of the fruit was noticed. Another very good application occurred in cotton plantations in Mexicali, Baja California, where a greater flower set and number of acorns were documented, thus increasing the yield per hectare by 12%. And finally, there are strawberry crops in San Quintín, in the same State, where better flower setting and fruit filling was seen.

The patented formula by the company FertiGlobal, which contains Foliarel OK, uses boron and potassium in a single molecule to enhance nutrition in the plant. The first acts in important processes in the development of the plant such as carbohydrate metabolism, in addition to the transport of sugars, to mention a few. As for potassium, it is involved in the formation of cellular structure and function, in photosynthesis and in other essential functions of the plant. The boron content in the formula reduces premature fruit drop, cracking, warping, discoloration and pitting.

In addition to the positive effects on plants, foliar nutrients have a sustainable technological structure, which allows a minimal impact on the environment, combined with a series of natural components and extracts that allow healthy plant growth.

“At FertiGlobal we are committed to carrying out constant research to create technologies that help generate more productive and sustainable crops and Mexico is no exception,” said Diego Longobucco, LATAM Manager of FertiGlobal.

According to Koprimo data, this company is a direct channel to acquire this solution that qualifies as the best sustainable option for farmers interested in improving their economic contexts, in addition to boosting the country's economy by turning it into a leading region in planting. and harvesting different types of fruits.


Koprimo, founded in 1979, is the leading Mexican marketer in the distribution of high-quality raw materials. It has warehouses and logistics distribution centers strategically located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexicali, Salamanca and Toluca, where more than 110 directly employed people collaborate, in addition to the indirect jobs generated by its input operators. Koprimo has a portfolio of more than 100 products imported from 20 countries. Through the sustainability strategy, they manage to positively impact both the environment and the communities where they operate, through continuous actions and solidarity actions, during 2020 they managed to reduce 1,136 tons of CO2.

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