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The horticultural industry, prepared for the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe

The 14th edition of the TSW Fruit and Vegetable Fair, which will take place from January 17 to 18, 2024 in Kielce, Poland, will encompass a new conference on renewable energy sources.


TSW Fruit and Vegetable Fair in Poland.

The horticultural industry is preparing for the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe - the 14th edition of the Fruit and Vegetable Fair and a new conference about renewable energy sources.

During conference we will be discussed in few topics regarding the use of innovations in energy production in horticulture. The conference, which will be held as part of TSW, will be an opportunity to share the most important and latest news on: Innovative energy sources and their application in the horticultural sector. 

Block 1: Promoting Sustainable Development and Innovation in fruit and vegetable farming.

The first thematic block of the conference aims to promote development and innovation in horticulture. The conference will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge between scientists, engineers and fruit growers. During this meeting, we will present new, sustainable methods of energy production that can be used in fruit and vegetable farming. We want to show how modern technologies, e.g. solar panels, windmills and biogas, can be integrated with traditional farming methods and what benefits they bring. Educational sessions will help conference participants apply these innovations to their gardening practice. 

Block 2: Practical Solutions (case study analysis)

The second thematic block of the conference focuses on practical examples of the use of innovative energy sources, energy storage systems and electromobility in various conditions and situations.
Analyzing these cases will allow participants to learn about the challenges they face and solutions that facilitate implementation, as well as assess the effectiveness of various strategies and technologies. We want the presentations, during which we analyze individual cases, become an inspiration for participants and show that new technologies can be effectively implemented into everyday practice. 

Block 3: Financing Innovation

The third block of the conference is a strategy for the use of energy technologies in horticulture.  Appropriate financing is the key to topics related to the development and use of energy sources. The educational performances described various sources such as: EU grants, private investments and loans. The analyzes presented there show how forms derived from energy from renewable energy sources. 

The main aim of the conference is to increase knowledge about available financing possibilities for strategies and technologies based on renewable energy sources and to promote dialogue between fruit and vegetable producers and companies offering innovative energy solutions for use in horticulture. TSW participants will gain tools for better planning and financing of projects related to renewable energy sources in the fruit and vegetable sector. 

The Fruit and Vegetable Growing Fair in 2024 invites you to participate in a conference during which new methods of energy production in horticulture will be presented. Don't miss the opportunity to gain knowledge and join the discussion on the future of energy in fruit and vegetable farming. We want our conference to inspire you to use innovative technological solutions. A detailed program of the event will be available at

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