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Peruvian agricultural product exports increase 8% during the first quarter of the year

Sector has been mainly driven by shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Peruvian grapes.

In the first quarter of this year, the Peruvian agro-export sector grew 8%, equivalent to 1,623 million dollars, driven mainly by shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables (F&H) subsector products, whose total figure was 983 million dollars, 19% more than the same period during 2019.

The main fruit and vegetable exporting regions during these first three months were Ica, with a 45% share, mainly driven by grapes, and Piura with 22%, driven by mango exports.

Regarding the destination markets for our fruits and vegetables, the United States continued to lead the list with 38% of participation, followed by the Netherlands with 20%, Spain with 12% and Hong Kong with 7%.

Regarding the main products of the fruit subsector, the export list during this period was led by grapes with 470 million dollars (+ 33%), entering the foreign markets mainly through the Port of Philadelphia (39%), the Port of Hong Kong (14%) and the Port of Rotterdam (9%).

Mango continues the list with 180 million dollars (+ 4%), followed by avocado with 137 million dollars (+ 227%) and citrus with 6 million dollars (+ 28%).

In fresh vegetables, the asparagus topped the list with 56 million dollars (+ 2%), entering mainly through the Port of Miami (51%), the Port of Madrid (9%) and the Port of Vlissingen (6%).

Onion continues the list with 12 million dollars (-17%), followed by fresh garlic with 6 million (+ 23%) and fresh pumpkins with 1 million dollars (+ 24%).
On the other hand, products such as coffee and cocoa registered exports of 46 million and 55 million dollars respectively, with the United States, Germany and the Netherlands being the main destinations.

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