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Chile and Peru join together to face the great challenge of grapes worldwide

For the first time, unions from both countries will meet at the Global Grape Convention 2024 to provide market information and collaboratively seek solutions to the problems of the grape sector.


Bunch of grapes.

The grape producing and exporting industry worldwide has experienced a process of change and stress marked by climatic factors, the Covid-19 pandemic, logistical issues in origin and destination and the cultivation of new varieties that have not achieved the expected results. For this reason, Chile and Peru, two leaders in the production and export of this fruit in the world, decided to take action on the matter, meeting on August 8, 2024 in the first version of this magnitude of the GLOBAL GRAPE CONVENTION, in the Monticello Casino Event Center.

In this way, the Frutas de Chile Table Grape Committee (formerly ASOEX) and the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association (PROVID) seek not only to jointly and jointly deliver transcendental and unique information for the market, but which, in addition, brings together the main retailers and importers in the world to seek collaborative solutions and face the great challenge that grapes face globally, which is to increase and diversify consumption.

From that role, Iván Marambio, president of Frutas de Chile, warns that “the international table grape industry is at a defining moment. With the explosive increase in global supply and lower growth in demand, a significant imbalance has occurred, so if we do not do something to increase consumption, there will be irreversible adjustments.”

From PROVID, its general manager, Alejandro Cabrera, reinforces this premise: “We consider it very important to communicate this in a very solid, very direct and realistic way, so that everyone who is involved in this sector is aware of it. Supply has increased, but demand has not increased at the same level, and we have to be responsible. If we do not act today, it will be very difficult for the business to remain sustainable and sustained over time. That is why we consider that the Global Grape Convention is very important and powerful, since it aims to address the future that is envisioned for table grapes in these two countries, which are the largest suppliers, as is the case of Peru and Chile." .

The only way to achieve the aspiration of increasing demand is for the world's leading producing countries to understand this challenge and act together. And what better sign than to do so at the GLOBAL GRAPE CONVENTION 2024, an event focused on the entire international industry.

“We wanted to contribute with a commercial rather than a technical perspective, of what the last few seasons have been like and the opportunities for improvement, uniting two unions from two relevant countries in the sector to generate collaboration and competitiveness,” concludes Gustavo Yentzen, CEO of Yentzen Group , company that organizes the event.

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