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New apple varieties and varietal trends in cherry crop, key at the TSW 2024 Nursery Conference

The Nursery conference of the TSW 2024 Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair will take place on its second day, on January 18, 2024.


Fruit trees.

Within the framework of the TSW 2024 Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, as part of the largest industrial event in Central and Eastern Europe, the Nursery Conference will take place during its second day, which will focus on innovations and the future of high quality fruit production. This conference emphasizes the importance of nursery production as an integral part of the fruit growing process.

Main topics of the conference:
  • - The situation of fruit nurseries: Discussion of current trends and challenges in the sector.
  • - New varieties of native apple trees according to the opinion of fruit growers: Presentation and evaluation of the latest varieties of apple trees.
  • - Geneva series washing machines. New Dalival breeding varieties: Introduction to the latest advances in breeding.
  • - Valuable apple tree varieties evaluated by the Skierniewice Horticultural Institute: expert analysis of the best apple tree varieties.
  • - How not to make a mistake when planting apple trees. Responsibility of the nurseryman and/or fruit grower?: Expert advice on effective planting and responsibility.
  • - Market needs and varietal trends in cherry cultivation: Analysis of market trends and their impact on the selection of cherry varieties.
  • - Stilt Tractor / Nursery Harvesters: Presentation of Modern Solutions.
During the conference, industry experts and professionals will discuss the selection of varieties of fruit species and rootstocks appropriate for various soil conditions. Participants will learn which varieties of apples and cherries best suit current and future market needs.

From the organization of the event, they encourage all interested fruit producers and nurserymen to participate in this unique conference to discover together what to plant in the coming years and how to adapt to a dynamically changing industry.

You can consult the program of other elements of the TSW Congress and the extensive list of exhibitors and buy a ticket to the most important event for fruit and vegetable producers in Central and Eastern Europe.

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